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When I think back to when initially started working in the home, many ages past, I realize how tired, tired and what a hustler I was. I allow other individuals, emails, clients, events, telephone calls, all those external influences, shape my daily life. Only the notion of this kind of makes me cringe. I had been focused largely on my entrepreneurial achievement, letting the private element of my entire life ( health, health, etc.. ) slide into the bottom of my priority list.

Granted, life in New York City is moving forward and there is a feeling of stress you have to keep up with notably as a female entrepreneur. But, I have learned through the years that achievement, clarity, focus, confidence, bounds, in every area of life occurs when you have some opportunity to slow down and design your day.

After I started working on’equilibrium’ in my entire life and hired a business coach to encourage me in my job, I discovered a very valuable lesson in taking control in your lifetime. ‘According to this Endowment Effect, even if you have already started the afternoon by moving your life ahead, you’ve established favorable momentum, and therefore are more inclined to continue doing positive things.

‘Years before, I started by simply making my mattress and lighting a candle & saying a positive confirmation. Following a couple of weeks of doing my morning routine, I started to delight in the intentionality of it. The simple fact I was choosing how to style my entire day, not allowing outside influences and expectations form my entire life really enthused me. I started adding things for my morning routine, such as putting on a beautiful robe, making my coffee with additional love, reading an excerpt from a publication, journaling for 20 minutes and my favourite of all meditation.

From I started to experience more mental peace, equilibrium, healthy eating habits and a tiny bit more confidence in the job I had been doing. Consequently, I started to see a great deal more inspiration, achievement and money flow. After I started to see the positive influence, I started to notice just how much my’home’ really had to encourage this part of my entire life. As a designer, of course I really like to decorate my space nicely. But, I started to see how important it had been to make a sacred space, a particular place to escape to when I had to link to my morning routine. It is possible to view what my really first sacred space seemed like here.

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Anna Granillo